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New Format For Hike Routes & Elevations


As of May, 2018 the free service provided by Garmin Inc. to post topo routes and elevations charts was shut down.  Since many Ramblers enjoy examining this information for upcoming hikes a new repository was needed and Gaia GPS was selected as a temporary solution.  We will use Gaia while we continue to look for someplace else to store and share our hiking profile data.  Please tell us what you think of this new format.

On the Gaia route map you'll see a button for Map Layers (see above) which allows you to select various map types and another button with four arrows pointing away from each other (see above).  Click that four-arrow button and your map will go to full screen for more detailed viewing.  You'll also have an elevation chart to look at although it's cluttered and a STATS table with distance, time on the trail, elevation gain, etc.  Notice that if you place your cursor on the elevation chart there will be a corresponding mark on the topo map showing you exactly where that elevation takes place on the trail.

In the upper right-hand corner you'll see an area for hiking notes which will include the actual distance hiked.  Many times this is different from the"reported trail distance" in the STATS table.  This discrepancy is due to many outdated trail maps not corresponding with what's actually on the ground.  Trails move and change and it can take awhile before cartographers revise the maps to indicate the changes.  The distance reported in the notes section is based upon actual GPS data.  

Another limitation is the Ascent report in the STATS table.  It seems to be the highest elevation minus the lowest elevation.  It does not take into account all the ups and downs throughout the hike.  Please refer to the hiking notes for the total elevation gain when this information is available.  

Just above the map on the left you'll see a button called Data with a down arrow.  That will let you download the data and use them either in another mapping program or a GPS.  With this information you can recreate the hike on your own if you so desire.  Click the Data button and you can select the format that works best for you.   

Until a permanent solution is selected there will be a limited number of topo routes and elevation charts posted here.  It's a time consuming process to get this done and only the next few hikes will be available. Ultimately, all the Ramblers data will be back online.  

Topo Map Routes And Elevation Data

To view a topo route and elevation chart just click the name of the route you'd like to see.

Anderson Lake and Rock

Appleton Pass

Badger Valley Loop and Lillian Ridge

Bainbridge Island Grand Forest

Barnes Creek Meadow

Big Hump and Beyond

Big Hump-Little Hump-Duckabush River

Boulder Falls

Boulder Lake

Boulder Shelter

Buck Mountain and Rainbow Falls

Buckhorn Pass

Burnt Hill

Camp Jolley

Cassidy Creek

Dan Kelly Towers 

Deception Pass (North)

Deception Pass (South)

Deer Hair Rock

Deer Lake

Deer Lake and Beyond

Deer Park Road

Dodger Point Bridge

Dosewallips Cascades

Dungeness Rec Area & Beach

Dungeness Spit Lighthouse

Eagle Lake

Ebey's Landing

Eden Valley to HiWay 112

Ediz Hook

Elwa River Bridge & Hatchery

Elwa Valley Road Walk

Fort Flagler (Internal Trails)

Fort Flagler

Fort Townsend

Fort Worden

Gold Creek

Grand Ridge Key Exchange

Griff Creek from Madison Falls

Grindstone Meadow

Hansville 2015

Hansville 2016

Hansville 2017

Hansville 2018

Heart of the Forest

Heart of the Forest Trail

Heather Park & Pass

Herrick Road to Altair Campground

Herrick Road to Dam Overlook

Humes Ranch

Hurricane Hill Trail to Ranger Station

Hurricane Lodge to Victor Pass

Johnson Creek

Joyce Piedmont/Eden Valley Rd East to West

Joyce-Piedmont/Eden Valley Rd West to East

Joyce-Piedmont Road To Lyre River Road

Kitsap Heritage Park

Kitsap - Anderson Landing

Kitsap - Guillemot Cove

Lake Angeles

Larry Scott Trail

Lena Lake

Lillian Ridge to Moose Lake

Lillian River Campground

Little Divide

Little River Trail (Lower)

Lower Dungeness

Lower Gray Wolf

Lower Gray Wolf and Cat Creek Trail

Marmot Loop

Marmot Pass

Mink Lake and More

Miller Peninsula

Milwaukee Rd to Elwa Bridge

Moose Lake/Badger Valley Loop

Morse Creek

Morse Creek to Estuary Park

Mount Muller (Modified)

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Loop

Mount Townsend via Little Quilcene Trail

Mount Townsend via Silver Lake Trail

Mount Walker (Road Only)

Mount Walker (Trail & Road)

Mount Zion and Gold Creek

Notch Pass Key Exchange

Notch Pass Out and Back

Peabody Creek

Port Angeles Bay Walk 

Port Gamble

Port Ludlow

Royal Basin

Silver Lake Way Trail

Slab Camp to Deer Park Campground

Slab Camp to Duncan Flat

Slab Camp to Slide Camp

Spruce Railroad Trail

Striped Peak

Striped Peak Alternate

Switchback-Lake Angeles-Down

Thompson Spit Beach Walk

Thompson Spit East Approach

Thompson Spit Out-and-Back

Thompson Spit West Approach

Tubal Cain Trail

Tull Canyon to Meadow

Tunnel Creek to 5050 Pass

Tunnel Creek to Valhalla

Upper Big Quil to Camp Mystery

Whidbey Island-Pass Lake

Whiskey Bend Road

Wolf Creek

Woods Road



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