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Anniversary Photos

This page contains links to photos of our anniversary hikes and we're looking

for any pictures you may have that you could add to our collection.

How? you may ask....

Well, each link takes you to a Google Photos Shared Album. "Shared" means

anyone can add their photos or even add comments. So:

1. Click on the link to bring up the album.

2. Click the 'Add to Album' icon -


3. Select your Google photos to add or select from your computer.

4. To add comments, click on a photo you want to comment on, then

    when the photo comes up, look to the lower right hand corner and click on

    'Say Something'.    (And be nice....)



Very First Rambler Hike: Mt. Walker 10-21-13

1st Anniversary Hike: Humes Ranch 10-27-14

2nd Anniversary Hike: Deer Hair Rock 10-19-15

3rd Anniversary Hike: Fort Flagler 10-17-16

4th Anniversary Hike: Fort Townsend 10-16-17

5th Anniversary Hike: Fort Flagler 10-15-18

6th Anniversary Hike: Fort Townsend 10-21-19

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7th Anniversary Hike: ?????? 10-19-20

Obviously due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to have a normal Rambler Anniversary hike. However, many of you were able to get with friends and family (small groups of course) and do a hike to celebrate. Click on the link and scroll through the pictures to see what your fellow Ramblers were up to. And don't forget to look to the bottom of the photos for comments. 
Hopefully next year we'll be back to our regular hiking and will be able to celebrate the Rambler's 8th with a great hike all together and finish up with our traditional       Chocolate Cake!

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8th Anniversary Hike: Fort Flagler 10-18-21

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9th Anniversary Hike: Hansville 10-17-22

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Anniversary Cake 1

Anniversary Cake 2

Anniversary Cake 3

Anniversary Cake 4

Anniversary Cake 5

Anniversary Cake 6

Anniversary 'Cake' 7

Anniversary Cake 8

Anniversary Cake 9